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Chemistry Study Program Held PKM activity about Liquid Dish Soap Production

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Saintek Faculty Public Relations, Online News– Study Program of Chemistry of Science and technology Faculty held community service activity about the socialization of the danger of using used cooking oil and how to utilize it. The activity is conducted by Lecturer and Students by initially searching for the literature then conducting coordinated field survey with Ketua RT. 12, Kel. Kenali Besar Kota Jambi. Wednesday (March 30th 2022).

PKM activity of Liquid dish washer soap production from used cooking oil conducted smoothly and as an effort of FST Management and UIN Sultan ThahaSaifudin Jambi in coping and preventing environmental damage to support UIN activity in line with green metric activity. This activity is expected to come to an end, however could continue to be a project that could develop Campus’s distinction which is to love the environment.

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